When you fucking hate something






reblog and make a wish!

this was removed from tumbrl due to “violating one or more of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines”, but since my wish came true the first time, I’m putting it back. :)



The last time I saw this on my dash, I didn’t think it would happen, so jokingly I wished I could go to a fun. concert.



yay its back.

I half jokingly reblogged this yesterday cos I thought it was a nice picture…
and was like oh wow I only get wishes on birthdays what would I wish for?!?!?! how about gainful employment L0L

… and like…

I have a job now? That I never applied for? That someone just called me up and said “here, have this”? In a place I really really like?

So like… h8ers gonna h8 or something




Went to McDonald’s so I could experience this piece of shit.

great responsibility comes power with great?
great comes with responsibility power great?

imagine how is touch the spiderman


Zero - Who was your last text from?
One - What/who is your icon?
Two- Your relationship status?
Three - Have you ever lost a close friend?
Four - What is your current mood?
Five - What’s your brother(s)/sister(s)names?
Six - Where do you wish you were right now?
Seven - Have a crazy side?
Eight - Ever had a near death experience?
Nine- Something you do a lot?
Ten - Angry at anyone?
Eleven - What’s stopping you from going for the person you like ?
Twelve - When was the last time you cried?
Thirteen- What are you really good at ?
Fourteen - What do you think about when you are falling asleep?
Fifteen- What were you doing yesterday at 10pm?
Sixteen - Do you prefer light or dark hair on the opposite sex ?
Seventeen - Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Eighteen - What is/are your favorite band(s)? .
Nineteen - What are you doing right now?
Twenty - Who do you trust 100% right now?
Twenty one - Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
Twenty two - Heavy metal music?
Twenty three- Who Was the last person you hugged.
Twenty four- Is there anything you’re hiding from someone?
Twenty five - Who are you thinking of right now?
Twenty six - What should you be doing right now?
Twenty seven - What are you listening to?
Twenty eight - You need new jeans. Quick where do you go?
Twenty nine - Who was the last person who yelled at you?
Thirty - Do you act differently around the person you like?
Thirty one - What is your eye colour?
Thirty two - Who was the last person to make you laugh?
Thirty three - Who was the last person to make you angry?
Thirty four - Hello Kitty or dora?
Thirty five - Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
Thirty six - Hug anyone of opposite sex in past 24 hours?
Thirty seven - One thing you want right now?
Thirty eight - Will you fall in love in the next few months?
Thirty nine - What does the 5th text in your inbox say?
Forty - Are you worried about the future?
Forty one - Are you happy with life right now?
Forty two - Are you currently jealous?
Forty three – Who's your best guy friend?
Forty four -Do you forgive or forget?
Forty five - What do you miss the most about elementary school?
Forty six - Favorite Disney Channel show ?
Forty seven – Who’s 3 of your best girl friends?
Forty Eight - What are you looking forward to?
Forty nine - Does anyone like you right now?
Fifty- Lyrics to the song you’re listening to?
Please though

Sai Animation Assistant 2


Here we goooo!

I finally got around to this last week.

New features:

  • Program can now export .gifs!  Exporting supports 4 quality levels, custom resizing, and fps control.
  • Preview window resizes as you scale the overall program window.  Your preview can be as big or small as you’d like.
  • Frames are now quicksorted instead of using the native default ordering.  This means no more of that 1, 10, 2, 3… 8, 9 order crap.  Filenames are weighted by their character ASCII values plus a base 10 positioning modifier.  See this Spongebob?  This is science.
  • Since frames are not re-loaded externally on each rendition, those of you running toasters shouldn’t get preview lag any more.
  • Step forward/step backward buttons.
  • Specifiable file types for those of you too cool for .png’s.
  • Refresh button.

The goal is to give those of us who would rather sketch in Sai (or any other program that lacks a timeline) a way to preview our animation frames without jumping through Photoshop hoops.

Basic Walkthrough:

-Draw your frames in Sai.

-Export each frame to a folder and name them something orderable like:

  • 1.png, 2.png… 
  • a.jpg, b.jpg…
  • Midna Frame 1.png, Midna Frame 2.png…

-Put the program into the same folder, or launch the program and go to File >Set Source Folder.

If you load the program from the same folder, it will automatically load the animation.  Otherwise it will be loaded when you set the source.

Click play to loop the frames back to you, producing the animation.  Adjust the FPS as needed.  The FPS can be adjusted while the preview is playing.

The step forward/backward buttons will advance or regress the current frame, they can be used while the preview is playing or while it’s stopped.  Stepping to a frame and then clicking play will play the animation from that frame onward.

Once the preview is in place you can make edits to the individual frames in Sai, and update the files as needed.  To update the preview, click the Refresh button in the upper right.

Say I wanted to change an arm in Frame 2.  I would make my changes in Sai, export the frame as 2.png - replacing the old one - and then click Refresh.  You can refresh without stopping the preview animation.  If I wanted to add an entirely new frame, I would do the same process only without overwriting 2.png.

Information about the current frame is displayed in the bottom left.  Right clicking on a frame will take you to that image file in Windows Explorer.

Exporting .gifs:


I tried to make this as simple as possible.  Just go to File > Export Gif.  From there select your file name, desired quality, and you can resize the end image as needed.  “Constrain proportions" being checked simply means that if you have a file that’s 200x300, and you change the width to 100, then the height value will automatically change to 150.

Export Gif To… does the same thing only it lets you navigate to where you want the gif saved before prompting for file options.

Big, high quality gifs will take some time to construct, so be patient if you’re exporting something large.


If you have any trouble launching it, make sure your .net is up to date.

.RAR Download

Source Files

Old version.



reblog on sight



What a good destiny review

This is what the video game journalism industry should strive for



It’s -10 outside please stop wearing basketball shorts. We get It you’re straight




my boyfriend sent me this without a word

i cant believe this showed up on my dash after so long of traveling tumblr


Just like grammar used to make


my mobile has been stuck on this image for literal hours. nothing else will load. i refresh and lord farquaad only gives me this cheeky grin. i scroll down and all i see is darkness. there is no escape


Become a huntress/hunter at Beacon Academy. Enjoy. .U.


In case y’all were wondering what Lucina’s alt colors are references to. (From left to right: Original, Nowi, Cherche, Cordelia, Tiki, Lissa, Tharja, and Sumia).


my anaconda don’t want none